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MMI Professionals Follow Guidelines to Achieve Goals:

  1. To work with the Client to determine the general job scope and plan.
  2. To contact Client's Contractor to discuss safety requirements and project goals.
  3. To maintain a prioritized list of Client and Contractor contacts for use in reportable accident, oil spill, gas release, or property damage.
  4. To become familiar with plans, specifications, map elevations, locations, permits, right-of-way restrictions, etc.
  5. To inspect the job site or route and recommend to the Client any changes deemed necessary.
  6. To study material requirements and recommend necessary changes.
  7. To inspect quality and specification compliance of all materials, supplies, and equipment furnished by the Contractor.
  8. To assure all work being performed is conducted diligently, continuously, and in good faith in accordance with the agreement, general conditions, specifications, and drawings.
  9. Assist Contractor in project modifications as required.
  10. To establish that the finished product conforms to the letter and intent of specifications and drawings.
  11. To know and keep abreast of local and state requirements, in addition to the Client's project specifications.
  12. To meet with Client's field personnel to explain project scope and verify field emergency procedures and permit requirements.
  13. To act as liaison between Contractor and Client field personnel to alleviate project conflicts, fulfill field requirements, and maintain a cooperative work environment.
  14. To inform Contractor of any project changes to reduce downtime due to lack of information.
  15. To aid Contractor in scheduling work projects, overtime, material arrangements, etc., that will be most cost efficient for the Client. (When appropriate, as on day rate or force accounts)
  16. To investigate and report to Client any activities by any Contractor that may be hazardous to persons, destructive to property or equipment, or not in the best interest of the Client.
  17. To keep concise and accurate records of the task times, with special emphasis given to any operation on force account or day rate.
  18. To collect Contractor-supplied "as-built" / survey / informational drawings for the Client and assure the information meets the Client's specifications. Any and all changes will be documented with photos, video, and/or detailed field drawings whenever possible.
  19. To maintain accurate cost accounting and manhour records when required.
  20. To compile and return to the Client copies of all certifications of equipment, personnel, and test charts as requested by the project specifications.
  21. To prepare Contractor post-job evaluation and include recommendations for future project improvements when necessary.